zone 9

Welcome to Zone 9

Zone 9 encompasses a huge geographic area stretching from the Big Bend area of Texas, up through New Mexico, Colorado, Southern Wyoming, and Utah.

The seven regions of Zone 9 are renown for their autocrosses, tours, club races, concours, rallys, tech sessions, and social events. With unparalleled scenery and a variety of climates, Porsche lovers can find an amazing variety of driving roads and great people to enjoy their favorite passion — Porsches — with and to explore new lands and cultures.

Zone 9 Regions have been the recipient of PCA’s Ferry Porsche Award for Region of the Year three times:

  • 1976: Rocky Mountain Region
  • 1980: Rocky Mountain Region
  • 2008: Roadrunner Region

Zone 9 has also been host to seven Porsche Parades and one PCA Escape: