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Zone Rep Report November 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

Revenge of the Green-eyed “Envy Monster”
I try not to be envious. It’s not a good way to be. But almost without fail at a typical summer PCA social, someone shows up talking about their first visit to the Porsche Museum or that they just visited the factory. Or both. The green-eyed envy monster wells up inside me and I just tell myself quietly, that someday, I’ll make it happen. Perhaps with one of the Autobahn Treffen trips added onto it.
Here in Utah, we have a lot of outdoor loving people. Those of a certain age, like me, refuse to age gracefully. So last winter some friends asked if we would like to join them on a bike (as in bicycle- not Harley) trip in Europe. Not wanting to put all of my eggs in one vacation basket of biking, Julie and I decided to take a side trip to another country while awaiting the arrival of our biking friends at the starting point of the bike trip. After fully committing to a 16 day itinerary over there, I learned that the bike trip starts in Passau, Germany- a 3 hour drive from Stuttgart, my center of envy. Should we stay longer? No the dog won’t know us when we get back. Momentarily, I thought about laying the guilt trip on Julie by saying that she owes me a trip to Europe because we got sooooo close to Porsche’s Mecca and went to Prague instead. But considering that last Christmas she surprised my son and me with a trip to the F1 race in Austin later this month, I discounted that idea.

So for now I’ll continue to bury the envy without a concrete plan to get to the museum and factory (or Le Mans, or Spa).  Thinking about a possible list like this, makes me realize just how incredibly fortunate I am in being able to engage in so many glorious things to do right here- many of them with PCA. This past month was at home for me. All PCA activities were right here in the Intermountain Region. The 3-day PCA race was amazing. Great weather, no incidents, tremendous volunteers, new people for the race and DE, and good barbeque! The next weekend followed with a two-day driving tour through Moab Utah and over the mountains to Gateway Colorado. We had a cool dinner on Saturday night and a visit to a museum in Gateway, Colorado. Fall colors just starting the roads were breath taking. For those who have not been to the Gateway Auto Museum, I would HIGHLY recommend it. One of the best in the US, if not the world. Owned by the guy who founded the Discovery and Velocity cable channels, it was a dream of his to build a tribute to the automobile and travel on American roads.

PCA Club Race starting grid at Utah Motorsports Campus


AMR's Fred Veitch on grid


IRPCA's Diane Johnstone "volunteer wrangler supreme" getting into the pace car

Lunch at Ray's Tavern heading for Moab


Eye-Candy at the Gateway Auto Museum


Gateway to the Gateway, looks more like a wine tasting room at a Napa vineyard, than a car museum


Gateway Museum ground and setting

So, now I’m prepared for my bike trip. Thinking about the high percentage of German tourists that I run into when I frequently find myself in one of Utah’s National Parks, I’ve learned that visiting Arches, Bryce, Zion, Capitol Reef and the rims of the Grand Canyon is near the top of the bucket list for lots of outdoor loving Germans. So as I sit next to my bike, sipping a cold one, and a local tells me that “I really want to go to America and visit Utah”….I’m going to smugly say  “I was just there last week!!!”

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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