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Zone Rep Report October 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

When looking after PCA’s financial matters, free is good…and fun!

As Zone reps, we’re encouraged to visit each region a minimum of once, and preferably twice per year. As all of the region calendars operate independently, and are also subject to change, a fair amount of pre-planning is required. We’re also encouraged to mix up the types of events that we attend, in order to meet members across a wide variety of PCA activities.  And unlike many of the zones on either coast where you can easily drive from one region to another, Zone 9 typically requires flight planning due to the wide swath of geography from Salt Lake City to Lubbock.

Mid-summer brought a leadership change to the Carrera Region in El Paso. 3rd year region president Dan Thomas made the choice to step down and in his place Teresa Talamantes was elected as his replacement. Dan, thank you for your service to both our country and PCA! And welcome to the hot seat, Teri!!  Anyway, when a change of leadership happens, it is usually a good idea for the Zone rep to make a visit to meet and orient the new region president, answer any immediate questions that he or she may have, and to introduce the newly elected to the “Region Procedure Manual”. Looking at flights to El Paso made it clear that I was going to connect through Denver- no matter what. So checking the calendar, I found a Thursday night social at Colorado Heli-Ops just prior to the Friday evening that I was planning in El Paso. Perfect, I could add the extra RMR visit for only the price of a hotel night! Then, looking at a Saturday return flight from El Paso to Salt Lake City, I freaked out and nearly canceled the whole plan due to the extreme airfare quote. So just out of curiosity, I checked out a Sunday return home, only to discover that the airfare dropped substantially. So I went back to the calendar of BOTH RMR and AMR to find that I had the choice of a Saturday social up in the Fort Collins area, or an autocross in Colorado Springs. Figuring I might hit 3 regions on the same ticket, I chose the latter. In hindsight, the cost of only flying directly in and out of El Paso (Friday to Saturday), was significantly more than the trip that I took to include Denver and Colorado Springs (Thursday to Sunday). And the savings completely paid for the extra 2 hotel rooms nights and (tiny little) rental cars. I thought about thrashing the Toyota Corolla rental car at the Pike’s Peak International Raceway autocross course. While it would make a fun story, it probably would not represent PCA very well! When I got off the plane back home on Sunday morning, I headed directly to my home region’s own autocross, where I could not run, as I had missed half the day’s events. Hey 4 regions, in 4 days. Amazing people everywhere I went. And really well run events. Thanks to all who helped coordinate this really fast tour of four of our seven regions.

In other “news”, I should announce that I now have an additional volunteer position within PCA. At the summer Board of Directors meeting, I was elected as one of five members of the PCA Financial Audit Committee, led by Craig Kugler. Formed in 2015 and now entering its second two-year term this committee is charged with acting as an independent body to review and oversee the financial operations of PCA and the findings of the independent auditor. As the committee is still in its early days, I look forward to playing a role in defining the future impact of the committee.
In the next month, I also look forward to volunteer and driving at the PCA Club Race and DE at Utah Motorsports Campus, and then in October heading to Carrera region’s Octoberfiesta. Stay Tuned.

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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