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Zone Rep Report October 2011

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean that Zone 9 action is getting any slower. After a hot summer like this year’s, many of us will finally be crawling out from under our rocks to get more involved in some of the fun that’s going on.

After my last installment of In the Zone, I took in an event in my home region, the Roadrunner Region. Dave and Anne Stinchcomb hosted the 41st edition of their annual Corrales Roundup with great success. Sixty-two Porsches (and their owners and families) were in attendance for a beautiful day under the cottonwood trees in the Rio Grande bosque. Late August is always the time of year when you first notice the slightly different angle of the sun which gives everything a more golden hue and hints at the coming of autumn. This year was a special occasion in that one of the Roadrunner Region members, Dave Ward, received his 50th Anniversary pin from PCA. Region President Tony Richey did the honors of presenting the pin and certificate to Dave, who has been actively involved with several PCA regions, including Connecticut Valley, Hudson-Champlain, and Potomac during his 50 years. He was also an avid SCCA racer with his 356 Carrera back in the days before PCA offered its own version of Club Racing. Dave regaled the group with a few stories of his PCA and racing days and was, as always, the life of the party.

A couple weeks after that, I made my way over to Amarillo Texas for the Llano Estacado Region’s 45th anniversary. A couple of their founding and several veteran members were on hand at the breakfast and shared some great stories about the early days of Llano Estacado. One of – if not THE – smallest regions in all of PCA, LE (as I call it), is an active little region that meets monthly for breakfast meetings and to share the news of all things Porsche. For this occasion president Joe Papp organized a little tour of Amarillo and its surrounds, including a visit to the Helium Monument (I had no idea that Amarillo was home to the US helium industry for decades), the Cadillac Ranch (along with the Big Texan, the most visited feature of Amarillo), and the Palo Duro Canyon (the United States’ second largest canyon). It was a nice tour and it’s always great to spend time with the folks over there.

Other than that, I worked on getting out the judges’ comments to the PCA Website Contest entrants. Being that the web is such an important tool for getting out the word to our members, it’s always fun to get a glimpse of the look and feel of each region through the eyes of the webmasters. Conversely, it’s important for the contestants to hear the comments back from those who are making the critiques and comparisons. As always, it’s great to get to know more about all of the regions and their members. It’s amazing how many of the people I can recognize at Parade each year as I see them popping up in websites and newsletters. I had 15 volunteers this year to judge 5 classes and they all did a great job. So a big thank you to them, once again.

You probably know that I’m also on the PCA National Bylaws Review Committee, so I’ve also been busy pouring over the bylaws that allow our great organization to function. I am by far the most junior member of that committee which is also comprise of Leonard Turner, Bob Gutjhar, David Novack, and Phil Doty. I can promise you this: we won’t be making any major changes. But there are a few places where language has become obsolete or where situations have arisen where something wasn’t covered. So, we’ll be looking to massage and complete, rather than shake things up.

As I write this, some of you will be heading off to PCA Escape in Flagstaff, which ought to be a great event. And I’m getting ready to head up to Salt Lake City for the Intermountain Region’s largest annual event; their Club Race/DE weekend at Miller Motorsport Park. This year I won’t be visiting my beloved Bonneville Salt Flats, but I know that the Club Race/DE weekend will be a great event. The Intermountain folks do a superb job with that event each year. Then it will be back home for the Roadrunner Chili Cook-off, out to Rennsport Reunion IV in Monterey, California and then back to southern NM for Carrera Region’s Oktoberfiesta.

That same weekend as the Intermountain event, the Alpine Mountain Region will be doing their now legendary Fall Tour in the mountains of Colorado. I can’t wait to hear the reports on this year’s edition.

See what I mean, there’s always something going on in the world of PCA and Zone 9.
I hope to see you at an event soon.

I hope to see you at one of the events.


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