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Zone Rep Report October 2009

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

August and early September have been a great time in Zone 9. I have a chance to reconnect with some old friends and meet some new ones. On August 30 I had a chance to attend the 39th annual Corrales Roundup at the home of Dave and Anne Stinchcomb of the Roadrunner Region. For anyone who’s been in the PCA for some period of time, you’ve probably run into this amazing couple who have hosted one of the Zone’s longest running events. Always gracious and wildly enthusiastic about Porsches, Dave was very instrumental with getting the Roadrunner Region going and has attended many Parades, 356 Registry events, and many, many other Porsche events of all kinds.

Their home is a traditional New Mexico adobe home with large  nestled amongst large cottonwood trees in the Rio Grande bosque. It’s just a perfect setting for a late summer Porsche event. Not a judged event, it’s just a nice get together where owners come and chat and look at the cars and share stories. This year the Roadrunner Region used the event as an opportunity to show off its Region of the Year trophy. Region president Steven Stacy presented Dave and Anne with a beautiful Roadrunner plate in appreciation for their many years of dedication to the PCA motto: It’s not just the cars, it’s the people.

Another great opportunity to meet with some Zone 9 members came when I visited the Llano Estacado Region over in Amarillo. The Llano Estacado Region was at one time a large and very active region. But when the Air Force base closed, many of its members followed their job assignments and the region shrank to a small, but very enthusiast core of dedicated members. It was great to visit with them at their monthly breakfast meeting and hear both the new and the old stories. You may have seen mention of current president Joe Papp and his father and past-president Joseph Papp in a recent article about Porsche Parade in Excellence magazine. They had a few problems with their 911T on the trip to Parade and found the perfect remedy once they got home: get a new 997S! Of course they still have the 911T and they look great together.

It’s fun to be in a Zone where we have one of the largest regions in the country (the Rocky Mountain Region) and the smallest (Llano Estacado). It really does confirm that regardless of the size of the Porsche community, the enthusiasm and dedication remain the same to the best marques  on the planet.

One last note. I’ve found that many PCA members are up-to-date with contemporary communications technology and social networking. I’m referring now to Facebook. At first I was like many of you and thought of it as a “kids” thing, but some of my fellow zone-reps strongly suggested that I sign up. Dutifully, I took the suggestion. But then I found that many of you in Zone 9 and across the country are members and regularly sign in and make posts. So, if you are on FB please look for me as add me as a friend.  I love to keep in touch with our membership anyway I can. I’m not one of the Twitterati just yet, but you never know….


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