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Zone Rep Report September 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

Five Regions from Zone 9 win National Awards at the 62nd Annual Porsche Parade in Spokane!
This year’s Porsche Parade was a stellar week of big time recognition for a select list of dedicated PCA volunteers from throughout Zone 9.
Here's a list of the major national awards won by individual regions in the zone.
Accolades to Mike Suttle, his entire leadership team and the extended list of volunteers who supported the long list of activities in the Roadrunner Region throughout 2016. At the Porsche Parade, Roadrunner Region won the 1st runner-up award for the “Ferry Porsche Trophy”.  The Ferry Porsche Trophy is awarded for the Region of the Year national contest. At Parade, the award was presented by Caren Cooper, PCA National President, and accepted by Liz Shaw who represented the region.

The next award was to Darrell and Shari Troester from the Intermountain Region. This National Award was for “The Porsche Family of the Year”. Presentation of the Award was made personally by Wolfgang Porsche on behalf of his family. I wish we could publish a quality photo of the plaque, but it is nearly impossible to photograph. The plaque is essentially a family tree shown in the form of black and silver metal etched historical photos of three generations of Porsche families (Ferdinand, his son Ferdinand, and next generation brothers Hans-Peter and Wolfgang)  posed with their cars and immediate family members. Simply an amazing bit of artwork.

In the communications category we had 4 regions who won various awards for best websites and/or newsletters.

Alpine Mountain Region won Best Overall Website Award from among PCA’s 144 regions.  Congratulations to Alex Ching and Carl Ellis for all your work in earning this award.
Carrera Region won Best Overall Website Award for small regions thanks to the efforts of “webmeister” and former region president Dan Thomas.

Rocky Mountain Region landed the 3rd Place Website Award for Class V regions over 800 members Congratulation to webmaster Scott Rodgers.

And finally Roadrunner Region won double recognition in the communications category by taking first place overall in their class for their website and 3rd overall in class for the “Ramblings” newsletter. Hats off to Ann Mulhern for spearheading this success.

The hidden story behind all of these awards is also partly due to persistent encouragement by Liz Shaw during her last months as Zone rep to push region leaders to make nominations in their regions for any of the variety of PCA National Awards. As a region president at the time, I can attest to her efforts to push all of us to make these nominations during the 2016 year-end holidays. So thanks are also due to those who took the time to nominate fellow region members as candidates.

This year’s Porsche Parade was the largest ever, with participants numbering around 2400 people. Around 50 cars and nearly 100 participants came from throughout zone 9. The zone was also well represented among the winners of autocross and concours events. Congratulations to all of you who competed. For a full list of competition event winners at Parade, go to

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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