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Zone Rep Report September 2015

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Hello Zone 9ers,

As I’m writing this, it’s still the middle of summer, even though this is the September report. Still lots of Porsche-friendly summer weather for us! Toward the end of July, I joined the Rocky Mountain Region for their annual “Peak to Peak” tour and it was one of the best tours I’ve been on! Seventy-three Porsches (and one MINI Cooper) gathered at The Man Cave in Westminster for check-in and the drivers’ meeting, then we headed out in 3 run groups to the mountains. It was great to drive through the Rockies and I reminisced about all the time I spent in the mountains when I was going to college at CSU and then when I worked and lived in Littleton. When we got into Estes Park, we were led to the Stanley Hotel by the local police department and it was nice to get the special treatment. Once we were parked, all of us gathered for a delicious breakfast buffet and then those who were signed up for the “Ghost Tour” got started while everyone else explored the hotel on their own. Although the Stanley Hotel is more popularly known for its part in Stephen King’s thriller, “The Shining”, the history of the hotel is very fascinating.

Next up for me are two Club Races in Zone 9, at High Plains Raceway and Miller Motorsports, respectively. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that whoever takes over the management of Miller will continue to allow Club Racing and DE’s at the track.

Here are the Zone 9 events for the next two months and I highly encourage you to attend many of them! The Zone 9 Challenge trophy is still up for grabs and there are plenty of events for you to put yourself in contention for the trophy. Remember, you get extra points if you attended Parade and if you’re going to attend a big event outside of Zone 9, like Escape. Be sure to check the Zone 9 Calendar and/or the Region website for most-current info.

3          - RMR Membership Social
5          - LLE Breakfast
5          - RMR Autocross
12,13   - RMR HPDE
13        - Carrera Cars & Coffee
13        - IR Autocross
18-20   - IR Club Race & HPDE
19,20   - AMR Fall Mystery Tour
19        - RR Ladies Luncheon
19,20   - RR Autocross
19        - RMR Picnic
26        - IR Porsches & Pancakes
26        - WTR Autocross

3          - RMR Membership Social
3          - LLE Breakfast
3          - RR Balloon Fiesta Breakfast
3,4       - AMR HPDE at La Junta
4          - IR Autocross
4          - RMR Tour
10,11   - IR Tour to Moab/Gateway
17        - RR Chili Cook-off
17,18   - RMR HPDE
23-25   - Carrera OktoberFiesta
24        - IR Fall Social
24        - RMR Autocross
24        - WTR BBQ

Hope to see many of you soon!

Liz Shaw

Zone 9 Rep




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