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Zone Rep Report August 2016

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Hello Zone 9ers,

Parade 2016 was a fun week in northern Vermont. I flew to this one and really missed having my Cayman with me, but I couldn’t take enough time off from work to drive to Parade. I had meetings all day on Saturday and Sunday, before Parade officially got off the ground, and it was great to see all of my friends from all over the country. I hosted a Zone Party in my condo on Sunday afternoon and it was great to have the support of Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain Regions to help with picking up the food and getting things ready for everyone, since I was still in the Summer Board of Directors meeting.

The first competitive event was on Monday with the Concours d’ Elegance on at the Jay Peak Resort golf course and I got there early in the morning to help with running the judges’ score sheets to the scoring tent. There were only 7 cars in the class that I was helping with so my volunteer shift was over before noon. This was good because I had to get back to the condo to get some work done (for my paying job).

Day Two of Parade was another volunteer shift for me – helping out with the TSD Rally start and it was fun to see all the smiling faces, knowing that many people would not be smiling too much by the end of the rally! I like doing TSD rallies and this would have been a fun one to do, but I’ll just have to plan on it for the next Parade.

Days Three and Four were to run the Michelin Drive & Compare event at a local airport. I’ve helped out with this event for the past several years and I thoroughly enjoy working with the Michelin and Jackson Motor Group teams. This is a popular event for Parade attendees, as they get to drive a new Porsche, supplied by Porsche Cars North America. This year’s comparison involved two different tires on two different 911’s. One car had Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s on all 4 wheels and the other car had Michelins on the front and Dunlop Maxx Race tires on the rear. A simple autocross-style course was set up on part of a runway and there were over 100 drivers on Wednesday who got to drive the cars and see if they could tell the difference in performance. The number of participants was notable because the weather was cold, windy and rainy almost all day. I was very thankful to have dedicated volunteers who didn’t wimp out from the miserable weather.

On Friday, I started the morning by participating in the Tech Quiz and I managed to guess enough correct answers to win my division! My studying consisted of reviewing the Owner’s Manual for my 964 – about 10 minutes before taking the quiz. Later in the morning, I attended one of the sessions at the Tech Academy and then I helped with handing out shirts and printing the certificates. If you have on your bucket list to earn an advanced degree, be sure to go to the Tech Academy at the next Parade. All you have to do is to attend 4 sessions and you can earn a Ph.D.!

Saturday morning is always reserved for the Parade Committee to meet and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly for Parade. Overall, this was another very successful Parade and even though many of us discussed ways to improve things for next time, we had more good things to say than bad things.

I had to leave the Final Banquet early to get to Burlington for an early flight the next morning, but it was fun to see everyone one more time.

I’ve listed the many awards earned in Zone 9 and I hope when you see some of these people that you’ll congratulate them.

Ferry Porsche Region of the Year
Alpine Mountain Region, 2nd Runner-up

S09M - Michael Ahnemann, 5th Place
S12M - Jeff Estein, 2nd Place
S12L - Justine Estein, 1st Place
Class PP06T - Rick Stillman, 2nd Place
Tech Quiz
964's & 993's - Liz Shaw, 1st Place
Cayenne, Macan, Panamera – Jim Sorensen, 1st Place
Class I - Carrera Region, 1st Place
Class III - Alpine Mountain Region, 2nd Place
Class III – Roadrunner Region, 1st Place
Class V - Rocky Mountain Region, 3rd Place
Membership Factored Growth - Overall winner, Intermountain Region
RC Cars Concours
Classic 911 Street Car - Jim Osgood, 1st Place; Randy Osgood, 3rd Place
1/10th Race Car – Jim Osgood, 1st Place; Jim Osgood, 2nd Place

RC Car Racing
Randy Osgood, 2nd Place
Jim Osgood, 3rd Place
Art Show
Jayla Binek, 1st Place
Photography B&W, Randy Osgood, 2nd Place
Artisan Craft
Dona Sorensen, 2nd Place
Randy Osgood, 3rd Place
Adult Textiles

Dona Sorensen, 2nd Place

See you around the Zone!

Liz Shaw, Zone 9 Rep

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