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Zone Rep Report August 2013

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Ah, where do I begin?! The month of June was jam-packed with Porsche activity and it was a GREAT way to start the summer! After just a couple of weeks of rest from co-chairing Fiesta New Mexico 2013, I headed to Colorado for the “Hell on Heels”, ladies only DE at a police track in Golden. Everyone had a lot of fun and I was impressed to see 2 Novice groups of drivers – part of the 60 drivers that day. The weather cooperated and a notable event was when a fawn was born right near the track. The EMT’s carefully wrapped the fawn in a blanket and moved it well away from the track. After the event, everyone gathered at a local watering hole for Beer-thirty.

The next day, I went to another annual RMR event – the Cerebral Palsy Concours d’Elegance, held at Arapahoe Community College. The 30th anniversary of this event (founded by RMR members, Tom Scott and Stimson Kennedy) also celebrated 65 years of Porsche AG, the 60th anniversary of the very first Porsche owners club, and the 50th anniversary of the 911. I got there early and that was a good thing, as the day warmed up quickly. Talk about car-candy-overload! There were rows and rows of beautiful cars, representing several marques. I was pleased and surprised to see fellow Roadrunner, Dave Stinchcomb, showing his beautiful Gulf Blue 911.

The following weekend, I flew to Salt Lake City to be the PCA Observer at Miller Motorsports Park for Intermountain Region’s DE. There were about 70 drivers and the event was well-run and safe. I enjoyed watching the run groups get out on the track, plus I had a chance to get to know more of the IMR members.

Just a few days after returning from SLC, I hit the road to Traverse City, MI, for Parade 2013. The drive was nice and I only encountered some rain about 50 miles southwest of Chicago. I had a Zone Rep meeting on Saturday afternoon, then more meetings on Sunday. Big thanks to Joe and Nancy Warren, who helped with the sign-ups for the Michelin Drive & Compare event that Jo Martin and I were co-chairing. United Airlines had insisted that Jo stay in Chicago Saturday night and that made it impossible for her to be at Registration/Check-in first thing in the morning.

All day Monday and Tuesday, Jo and I were very busy with our event, as hundreds of people wanted to drive the new 911’s that PCNA had provided to us! But we did get to sneak over to the concours, which was held at one of the Grand Traverse Resort’s golf courses. I never get tired of looking at the results of people spending hours and hours cleaning their cars.

On Wednesday, I got to the autocross course in time to walk around it and develop a strategy. I visited with lots of friends and watched the first group, then got in my car and ran 5 laps. Half-way through our session, Hans Peter Porsche and some other people from Porsche AG showed up and impressed everyone with their racing skills. I finished in 2nd place in my class and I mostly pleased. It’s the usual thing – you wish you could have gotten just one more lap!

Thursday was tour day and I joined about 40 other cars for a driving tour to Mackinac Island. We boarded a ferry to the island and had a wonderful lunch at the Grand Hotel. The landscaping around town and the surrounding streets was absolutely beautiful with all of the flowers and greenery.

I took the Tech Quiz on Friday and then attended some tech sessions in the afternoon. Although I did better in this Tech Quiz than I’ve done in the past few Parades, the competition was tough and I finished near the bottom of my group!

Saturday was the Parade Committee after-meeting, then the Volunteer Luncheon, then the Final Banquet. I had signed up for the Parade of Cars but by this day, I was too tired and opted to watch the action from the side of the road, instead. The Final Banquet is always a nice time to see friends one more time, and it was exciting to see 2 new Caymans being awarded to the raffle winners. And Darwin Binek from IMR won the trip to Germany!

My drive back home was uneventful (thankfully) and I listened to 3 books on CD for the 2 days that it took me to drive 1620 miles!

Here are the results from Parade and I want to congratulate everyone from Zone 9 who participated in the competitions. Even if you didn’t win an award, you made Zone 9 proud by participating!

Germany trip: Darwin Binek, IMR

T-shirt contest: Carrera Region, 1st Place

Region Website, Class III, 1st Place, Roadrunner Region, Tony Richey

Zone Website, 1st Place, Roadrunner Region, Sean Cridland

Art Show
Classic Photography, Honorable Mention, RMR, Daniel Sembroski
Enhanced Photography, Honorable Mention, RMR, Randy Osgood
Enhanced Photography, 3rd Place, AMR, Jim Sorensen
Sculpture, Professional, 1st Place, RMR, Thomas Sembroski
Fiber Arts, Amateur, 1st Place, AMR, Dona Sorensen

Newsletter, Class V, 3rd Place, RMR, David Schmidt

RC Cars Track Race, 2nd Place, RMR, Randy Osgood
RC Cars Concours, Peoples' Choice, RMR, Randy Osgood

S05L - 2nd Place, RR, Liz Shaw
S07M - 3rd Place, RMR, John Mackin
S09M - 1st Place, AMR, Karl Schaeffer
S10M - 3rd Place, RMR, Walt Fricke
S10L - 1st Place, RMR, Kathy Fricke
P13M - 3rd Place, RMR, Ken Provasi
P13L - 1st Place, RMR, Lynne Zucker

Tech Quiz
Q03L - 1st Place, RMR, Kathy Fricke
Q05M - 1st Place, RMR, Richard Stillman
Q07L - 2nd Place, IMR, Jayla Binek

Gimmick Rally
Daniel Semborski and Tom Semborski II, RMR, 3rd Place

TSD - Navigational
Jim & Dona Sorensen, RMR, 8th Place

TSD - Unequipped Plus
Ken Provasi & Lynne Zucker, 7th Place

Preparation Group

Class PP02T - 2nd Place, RMR, Jim Osgood
Class PP09T - 1st Place, RMR, Richard & Carolyn Stillman
Class PP11T - 1st Place, RMR, Paul & Barbara Orkild
Class PP02S - 6th Place, RMR, Walt & Kathy Fricke

Preservation Group

PS06T - 1st Place, RMR, Daniel & Thomas Semborski

Performance Group

PF02T - 1st Place, RMR, Mel Shapiro
PF03T - 3rd Place, IMR, Eric Shea

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