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Zone Rep Report August 2012

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

It's hard to believe how fast the year is going. Porsche Parade in Salt Lake City, which so many of us have been planning for so long is now but a memory, though one that will be cherished for some time. We all have our favorite Parade moments. Certainly dinner on the carrier USS Midway was one at the 2007 Parade in San Diego. The tours and concours of the 2009 Parade in Keystone are another. But for me personally I have to say that the 2012 Parade in Salt Lake City is my favorite. Was it the setting? Partially, though I much prefer mountains to cities. Was it the venue? The Little and Grand America hotels were nice, for sure.... But, more than anything else it really comes down to involvement and the people. I had a tremendously busy Parade for 2012 as your Zone 9 Rep and that's really what made it my favorite. I just like PCA, its activities, its people, and...oh yeah...the cars!

Touchdown for me in SLC was on pre-Parade Friday. A quick un-packing of the car (filled with enough stuff for a week!), then it was off to my first meeting with the PCA Policy/Bylaws Committee. We started on the project of doing the first update to PCA's welcome partybylaws in ten years sometime last January. It's a daunting task. The project includes keeping the spirit and intent of the original bylaws as set out by Bill Sholar in 1955, but accounting for an increase of 62,000 members, a week-long Parade, Club Racing, and committees which couldn't have been conceived in 1955 (or even 2005), let alone predicted and properly organized. But we're getting close and hope to have a final draft ready for the fall.

A little sleep, then it was off to meet briefly with Executive Council, back to the room to work on details of the Historic Display I would be chairing during the concours event, then a three hour meeting with my fellow Zone Reps and a social dinner with them afterward. It was the final time several of us would be with the group, since there are five of us who will reach the end of our terms in January. Then more work on the Historic Display and a couple hours of sleep.

Sunday was up early again, meet with the Executive Council for three hours, National Staff luncheon, another meeting with the EC, then the National Board meeting and from there straight to the Parade Welcome Party (which was a GREAT, by the way: so much fun to connect with everyone again and meet new people too!). Leave early from the party and work out final details of the Historic Display, including writing out all the descriptive panels for the signs. Thank God and Ellen Beck for cheap color printers available at Costco and especially Ellen for staying up till almost midnight printing the plaquards for me.

historic displayMonday morning it up at OH-dark-thirty to get the cars off-loaded from their transporters and placed on the steps of the Utah State Capital building. Many thanks to all the people I was able to cajole to get up with me at 4:00am to do this task. Their work contributed to a very fine show of beautiful and priceless Porsches in the Historic Display and made me look very good! After many months of stress the event came off beautifully and was a centerpiece of the concours. And a mighty big thanks to all the participants too! We had some great cars on display, all looking beautiful and shiny and all of great interest. We wound up our part just in time to get in a quick shower and go off to the Presidents' Reception that evening.

nishJust a few more winks and it was time to get moving for the tour I hosted on Tuesday (with the help of Liz Shaw and Sandra One Feather) to the Nish and Kirkham speedshops. The Nishes are a Bonneville-racer racer family who run a 415+ mph car. The Kirkhams build the finest replica Cobras possible. So much so that Shelby contracts them for fabrication of some of their parts. The tour wound up being a smashing success. In fact, both Nishes and Kirkhams told me later they had many informal guests throughout the week who dropped by because they had heard how interesting it was.

Wednesday morning was another early one, to help out Liz Shaw (who also was up at 4:00am on Monday to help me push cars around) and Jo Martin with the Michelin Drive and Compare, which they've been chairing for three years now, then later to give away the awards for the PCA Website Contest (several of which went to Zone 9 members, including the very first Overall trophy to Kathleen Lennon of AMR!). A little bit of a break on Thursday and then back at it on Friday and Saturday to help out the Intermountain Region with their Drivers Education event at Miller Motorsports Park. Whew!

It seemed like it was non-stop for nine days till leaving on Sunday at 4:00am to come back home to New Mexico, but that's what we PCA people do. It's always more fun to participate! See you soon!


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