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Zone Rep Report August 2009

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

I’m writing this just a day after arriving home from Porsche Parade 2009 at Keystone, Colorado. If you were there, you know just what a wonderful and action-packed time it was. If you weren’t, you missed the best chance to go to a Parade in our own Zone in quite awhile and a fantastic event that will be talked about for years to come with great pride and affection. Kathy and Walt Fricke and their team of volunteers did a fantastic job with a huge undertaking. I can’t say enough about the event and the people. It was just a marvelous week.

For me it began on Saturday, June 26 in Breckenridge, Colorado. I immediately started encountering Parade goers on main street. Believe it or not, there were a couple of Porsches who were just passing through and didn’t even know there was a Porsche Parade going on!

Sunday got going very early, as I joined the PCA Executive Council to take notes  and pitch in my two cents here and there as local Zone Rep. There are a number of things going on in the world of PCA and I can talk about a couple of them here. One is Extended Passing for DE events and the other is a new and improved website that will be appearing soon. Extended Passing has been tested at several events back east this spring and will be available on an event-by-event volunteer basis and only for the advanced and instructor groups. Your presidents will be receiving the info soon and getting the information out to the DE chairs and committees. The website changes will be self-evident later in the month as you check out the site.

Monday was more meetings, starting with the Zone Reps meeting, then moving into the PCA National Board Meeting. Among the jobs for the Zone Reps is the choosing of the PCA Escape site. We heard several great presentations for the 2010 Escape, but it was the proposal of the Canada West Region for an event at Sun Peaks, British Columbia. Pencil it in on your calendars for mid-September of 2010. It looks to be a great event. Speaking of PCA Escape, the event coming up in Dayton, Ohio (Escape to the Birthplace of Aviation) is building momentum, with Zone Rep Roy Wilkinson reporting that the Ohio committee has already received over 500 inquiries for information. Clearly, Escape is picking up momentum as a National-level event.

Finally, after all the meetings were over, I could begin my Parade recreational activities. I usually try to stay away from the concours, because I’m much more into driving than cleaning. But this year I gave it a try. Though I didn’t place, I did have fun and met some great people.

I’m not really a rallyist either, so I signed up to help out. It was great fun. I was lucky enough to be paired with former PCA president Bert Propp, a fun and interesting guy who has been Captaining checkpoints for over 50 years. Also joining us as timers and runners were Andy and Terri Williams of the Alabama Region, and Joe and Nancy Warren of the Rocky Mountain Region. Also, Delores McKinnon of the Sacramento Region. We were stationed at the base of Ski Cooper near Leadville. What a great location: quiet, cool, and beautiful.

Later, at the Concours dinner, my home region was honored with the Ferry Porsche trophy for Region of the Year. That was a special moment to see all the hard work by all of our members over the years get recognized. Then, Porsche AG and Porsche Cars North America took the opportunity to surprise all the attendees with the North American premiere of the 2010 Porsche Panamera.  Wow! Fantastic! They even let everyone paw over it and sit in it. I can’t wait to drive one and check it out myself.

Thursday meant one thing: Autocross. Event Chair Dale Thero and his volunteer team set a great, flowing, rhythmic course that fully utilized the Tenderfoot Lot right next door to the Convention Center. I participated in the Cayenne class.  This is a class that is definitely growing and shows that the Cayenne is increasingly finding acceptance in the Porsche community; much more so than even two years ago!

Thursday afternoon I took the time to check out the RC Autocross where kids and adults alike were trying their skills in the courtyard near the Ice Cream Social. Friday rolled around with the Tech Quiz and some social activities during the day, then the Autocross awards in the evening and suddenly it was Saturday, the last day of the event with the Volunteer Workers lunch and the final Victory Banquet. And suddenly what everyone had planned and worked toward for so long came to a close. What a fantastic time it was.       
The Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain Regions  proved that they can put on a World-Class event of fantastic proportions and again I have to thank Kathy and Walt Fricke and all of you who volunteered.

As Zone Rep, I was happy to meet so many of our members. Several of you took me up on my invitation to introduce yourselves if you should see me during Parade and I appreciate that you did. It’s always rewarding to meet members of the various Regions in the Zone and to welcome lots of our visitors from the rest of the country. As has been said so many, many times about PCA: It’s not just the cars, it’s the people. I look forward to seeing all my friends again and meeting even more of you at events around our fantastic Zone 9.


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