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Zone Rep Report July 2012

In the Zone by Sean Cridland

This has been a great month in my time as Zone 9 Rep. By the time you read this I will have visited my own Region for the 35th Fiesta New Mexico (formerly Fiesta del Porsche), then made the trip up to Salt Lake City to help out at the Intermountain Region's annual Club Race and DE and to do some final checking on the site venues for the Parade events I'm chairing and a few other items. But really, this doesn't sound like all that much does it? Well, as they say, the devil is in the details.

Fiesta this year was extra special for so many reasons. For one, we had some very special visitors. In early May, I got a call from former Roadrunner President and Zone 9 Rep Cal Hansen's daughter Janet saying that her mom Bonnie had passed away and as a way to heal the wound, she and her dad would be coming to Santa Fe for Fiesta. Though I had only "met" Cal via e-mail and Facebook as I was working on a Zone 9 history project this past year, I began to hear all kinds of great stories about him from all over the Zone. Putting out word to his PCA friends resulted in a great and enthusiastic response. Everyone was glad to hear that Cal was coming to visit.

Sure enough, Cal and Janet showed up for registration on Thursday and everyone was effusive in greeting their good friend. Cal hadn't been to a Fiesta since 1993, but you wouldn't have known it by the reception he received. It was like he'd never been away. Some of his friends who weren't registered for Fiesta even made the trip to Santa Fe for concours day just to visit with Cal. And it made for a rare occasion when four Zone 9 Reps were all in one place. Beside Cal and me, we also had on hand Larry Pittsley and Dale Thero. Adding to the luster, we also had former Zone 6 Rep Linda Bein and former Zone 10 Rep Hank Godfredson, both of whom had worked with Cal. It was great to welcome home a Roadrunner with such fanfare and I was honored to be able to play a part in this reunion.

This was another great Fiesta. It was the second year the event was back in Santa Fe, but the first year the cars were back on the plaza since 2004. Event chairs Liz Shaw and Jo Martin were able to procure an autocross venue within city limits, so the autocrossers didn't have to drive all day to and from the venue. There were at least seven tours and a poker rally and the Sunday night banquet featured a fantastic talk by Porsche Panorama editor Betty Jo and chief photographer Leonard Turner.

They gave a slideshow presentation called "Beneath the Covers" during which the two of them told some really great stories about the travels, trials, and tribulations, that resulted in six of their most iconic cover shots. Adding to the poignancy of the event is the knowledge that these two PCA icons are retiring at the end of this year from their positions at Panorama after more than forty years of steward-ship. Sandra and I acted as "hosts" during the weekend and spent many an hour on tours and during meals soaking in their amazing wealth of knowledge and spirit of adventure. I doubt there is anyone in the world of Porsche outside the family itself who knows more about the people and cars called Porsche.

In addition, all the events went off without a hitch and the Roadrunner Region raised thousands of dollars for their chosen charity, the Barrett Foundation of Albuquerque. Everyone agreed: this was a weekend to remember!

A short respite and then it was off to Salt Lake City to work with the Intermountain folks on their always great Club Race and DE weekend. For several years, it was held in September, but this year they moved it to June to take advantage of a gap in the busy Club Race schedule and, I suspect, to give themselves a rest this fall after having so much going on in their Region this year, with the Zone 9 and Parade Planning meetings, the Race weekend, and Porsche Parade in July. They are an able and enthusiastic bunch, but come August and September they're gong to deserve a rest!

Intermountain is not a large region, about 340 members, but they act large when it comes to putting on events. The Club Race/DE event at Miller is at the top of the heap when it comes to a quality event and the facility at Miller Motorsports Park is without equal. If you've never been, put in on your calendar. You'll be glad you did.

A brief stop at home and it's time to turn around and go back up to Parade in Salt Lake City. I hope you've signed up. There are so many great events and tours and dinners and socials lined up it'll have your head spinning. Since I'm chairing three events and participating in a few more, I'm going to be pretty busy, but don't let that stop you from saying hello. I'm here for Zone 9 and I always like meeting my fellow PCAers from around our seven great Regions. See you there!


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