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Zone Rep Report June 2016

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Hello Zone 9ers,

Early May for me meant PCA Club Racing at Circuit Of  The Americas track, outside of Austin, TX. I couldn’t get there until Friday night, but early the next morning, I headed to the track. I had been to the track twice before – once for the inaugural Formula 1 races and then a year later to run a marathon in and around the track. So I can honestly say that I’ve “run” at COTA! This time around, I wanted to help out with Timing & Scoring so I spent nearly the entire weekend in the T&S suite, which overlooks the start/finish. Michael Wingfield, head of PCA Club Racing Timing & Scoring, and Franklin Kalk were there to take care of the T&S duties for the sprint races and the enduros on Sunday. There were also some volunteers from Hill Country Region to help run the results to the grid master and to keep an eye on the drivers taking their mandatory pit stop.

Michael had mentioned that the facilities and equipment were very fancy at COTA and he did not exaggerate! We had huge monitors to view the results from the timing software, plus there were 3 TV monitors on the back wall so that we could keep up with everything else going on, during breaks in the schedule. The Control Room was also very fancy, with several large monitors, showing the track at every corner and at some other areas.

After the races and HPDE on Saturday, many of the volunteers and corner workers met for beer and pizza at a local microbrewery. I turned in for an early evening since I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep the night before.

On Sunday, I got more involved with helping out Michael and Franklin, especially for the hour-long enduros. The rain mostly held off but there was enough rain to cause most of the drivers to put rain tires on their cars. I was thrilled to be able to ride in the Panamera pace car, although sitting in the backseat, I wasn’t able to take very good pictures.

Fortunately, both enduros were mostly incident-free and there were some spin-outs but the drivers were able to get back on the track. Zone 9/Rocky Mountain Region member, Joe Bank, had an excellent race and came in second overall. Congratulations, Joe!!

I left the track soon after the second enduro was done, as I needed to get to the airport for my flight back to NM.

Coming up for me later in May is Intermountain Region’s Amazing Rally and I’ll possibly join West Texas Region for their drive to Sweetwater and to attend the Memorial Day events going on that weekend.

Then in June, it’s Parade at Jay Peak! Hope to see several of you around the Zone.

Liz Shaw, Zone 9 Rep

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