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Zone Rep Report June 2013

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Hi all! As promised, I’m including a write-up and pictures from two Drivers’ Education events in Zone 9. In mid-April, AMR held their DE-Luxe Drivers’ Ed at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, Colorado (about 15 miles south of Colorado Springs). I got to the track on Friday in plenty of time to attend the novice meeting. Even though I’ve driven on tracks several times in the past, I’d never driven on this track; plus, I wanted to listen to the presentation. After the meeting, we were all invited to drive a few “parade” laps around the track and it was nice to get a feel for the track, at a moderate pace.

The next day, things got started early and everyone got their packets and cars ready for the track. There were 81 drivers and they were placed in different run groups, based on track experience. I was in the purple group, and most, if not all of us, were not going to drive on the track on Sunday. I had volunteered to fill out the Observer’s Report for both days and since I’d be driving back to Santa Fe on Sunday, I decided that I didn’t want to wear myself out too much before the long drive back. Fellow Roadrunners, Bill and Betty Guyre there were and it was nice to visit with them throughout the weekend.

I was very fortunate to be paired up with Ronn Langford and his instruction was superb. I was nervous starting out; a little intimated by the banked oval and infield, but Ronn was very encouraging and provided positive feedback throughout the sessions.

One car had a mishap with a busted oil line and since the clean-up took awhile, we ended up cutting out one session. Dinner on Saturday night was fun, with a catered meal served upstairs in a big meeting area.

On Sunday, there were about 60 drivers and everyone was busy all day. It got very windy but it was sunny so it wasn’t too cold. There always seemed to be an empty spot for corner workers and I ended up working most of the sessions throughout the day. I didn’t mind, as I got to see the cars on the track, plus I was always paired with someone new so I got to know the other drivers.

All in all, a very fun weekend – catching up with old friends, making new friends, experiencing a new track – Porsche cupcakes – what could be better??

Two weekends later, I was back in Colorado but this time I flew out there. I hadn’t planned to drive at RMR’s Speed Fever IV DE at High Plains Raceway and the airfare with Frontier was pretty cheap, so I got there the easy way. I stayed at my brother’s house in Littleton and then early Saturday morning, we set out for HPR. I’d been to the track before, but hadn’t driven on it and after a weekend of seeing everyone have such a good time, the next time I’m at HPR, I’m driving!

There were 125 drivers on Saturday and talk about Track Candy – wow! Fun to see everyone there and to see all of the very cool cars. The morning was a bit nippy but once things got going and everyone had a session or two completed, I don’t think anyone felt the cool weather. RMR was also conducting instructor training and I sat in on one of the instruction sessions.

As with the AMR DE, this one was well-organized and things proceeded very smoothly. Dinner was served after the Saturday sessions were done and there were even some door prizes handed out.

Sunday was a little breezier but sunnier and there were about 93 drivers in attendance. Another good day of driving for everyone. I stayed in Denver one more night, then flew back to Albuquerque on Monday.

Looking at the Zone 9 calendar for May, all of the Regions are busy – and in the case of Roadrunner Region – very busy! For the July Zone 9 Report, I’ll be able to tell you all about Fiesta New Mexico, and maybe I’ll be able to squeeze in a report on the June 8th RMR Ladies’ DE in Golden, CO, and the RMR Cerebral Palsy Concours d' Elegance on June 9th.

Happy driving!

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