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Zone Rep Report June 2012

In the Zone by Sean Cridland

I think I'm going crazy. I spent an entire weekend going in circles, another one scampering in the shadow of a legend, and have one coming up that will lead me to enchantment and back before a trip across the desert to parade practice. I must be dreaming....Or not! Let me explain.

In late April I spent a great weekend with the Alpine Mountain Region at their "Return to PIkes Peak International" Drivers Education event. Chaired by AMR CDI Chris Lennon, along with sponsor Dwight Kasten and soon to be departing (for the Rennsport Region) Pat Dufour, the event used PPIR's Oval/infield roadcourse hybrid. It was a really great event with fantastic participation from AMR members as well as participants from a few other Regions too. And though there were a few "brand-x" cars on hand, the overwhelming majority were Porsches. It was my first time on an oval and it was a great experience that gives me much more feeling for what I've been watching on TV. A great (learning) time was had by all. But the event also carried greater significance. At the Saturday night dinner party, I had the GREAT honor to present Hank Godfredson with his 50-year PCA pin and certificate. Hank has been a truly active member in PCA, acting as almost every officer in his Regions (yes, more than one) at one time or another, was a Zone 10 Rep, and has been active and influential in Club Racing since its inception. . He currently serves as AMR's Social Chair while wife Phyllis is AMR's award-winning newsletter editor. To see more from that event click here.

A brief respite at home, then I headed down to the West Texas Region to visit one of our most active small Regions. I'd always heard the WTR does great autocrosses, but this was my first time to one. Unfortunately for them, they recently lost their long-time venue at Big Springs, but they were able to secure a space at a residential runway (only in Texas!). The course was a mile-long (one-way!) with a "box" feature at the end and a one-mile return. That put the fastest run-times at over two minutes! With four runs in a day that was over eight minutes (and as much as ten for some of the slower driver/cars) of autocross time! To see some of the photos, click here.

Unfortunately, the event was interrupted midway through. No, no accidents, or rain, or wild-life running around.... It turned out that the owner lets one of the local vintage racers test-and-tune his cars there from time to time. None other than Jim Hall turned up with the Chaparral 2H (one model before the sucker-car) to run GM Vice President for Global Design Ed Welburn for a few lengths of the circuit. So the WTR folks graciously moved their cones off the surface and watched "the half-time show" and snapped countless photos of Jim, Ed and the car before resuming the autocross runs after his departure. What can one say, other than "WOW!" To see more of the scene when Jim and Ed were there, click here.

As I write this I have another short break before heading over to Santa Fe for the Roadrunner Region's premier event, "Fiesta New Mexico," now in it 34th or 35th year, depending on how you count them. The concours will be back in the Plaza, the autocross is within the city limits and special guests for the weekend are Betty Jo and Leonard Turner, legends in the world of PCA as Editor and Chief Photographer of Porsche Panorama. I'll write more about it in my next installment, but I know this is going to be a great weekend! To see more about Fiesta New Mexico, click here.

Only a brief breath and a few winks later and I'll be heading up through the 4 Corners region (Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico), Moab and north to Salt Lake City for the Intermountain Region's Club Race and DE at Miller Motorsports Park on the full 4.5 mile, 25 corner course. This is the Intermountain Region's premier event and always has a great turnout and is run with great care and precision by the IMR team. Traditionally, it's been held in September, but they're looking forward to their new June date. Again, I know this will be a great one. Plus it will give me time to visit a few of the Parade venues one more time before we all descend on Salt Lake City "en masse" for Parade in early July.
From all indications, Parade is shaping up to be another great one. Salt Lake is a beautiful city with mountains and deserts, great roads, and, of course, the great cars and friends we'll be with. It's really amazing to think about all the great friendships we'll renew and all the new ones we'll build in this most fantastic of PCA traditions. I hope you're already signed up...

Best wishes and I look forward to seeing and meeting each of you at an event somewhere this year; hopefully at Parade!.


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