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Zone Rep Report April 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

“Fueled by Volunteers” is something you hear a lot when you hang around PCA events, probably second only to “It’s not just about the cars, it’s about the people”.  After attending my first ever PCA semi-annual board meeting, I now have another level of appreciation for “Fueled by Volunteers”. Until now, my perspective on this claim was limited to participation in my local region here in Utah. The recent meeting in Los Angeles took my understanding to a whole new level. The level of passion, talent, and collective dedication to make a great car club, is something from which we all benefit as individual members of PCA. The impact is far more than I imagined – and I had my sights set pretty high from the very start. It is most impressive- all of the way from the individual committee leads up to the EC members who all have full time “day” jobs, and probably give an additional 20-30 hours per week to PCA. I left the meeting feeling pretty humbled.  Porsche Cars of North America treated meeting attendees to an evening at the new Porsche Experience Center. What a delight. If you find yourself on the south side of the left coast, I would highly recommend that you sign up and enjoy the experience.

In Colorado Springs, during the first weekend in March, I had an opportunity to practice what I learned in “PCA University” (aka Zone rep training) with the region President’s, Vice Presidents and Newsletter Editors from Zone 9.  It was an enjoyable time to meet with familiar and new faces from around the zone. The meeting was packed with content, and I’m confident that attendees took back some solid ideas to make regions just a little better for each member. With help from Aaron Ambrosino, PCA’s National Treasurer, we focused our presentations on social media, insurance and risk management, the Teen Survival Skills program offered by Tire Rack, activity subsidies for regions, and shared ideas for general region management. In addition to meeting, we squeezed in some fun, by visiting a private car collection during lunch and attending a social with Alpine Mountain Region members at Porsche of Colorado Springs. I had copious help from the local Alpine Mountain Region and would like to thank Denise Jordan, Justine Estein, Barb Treacy, Fred Veitch, and Joe Bremmer of Porsche of Colorado Springs, for all their support.

April 3rd, marked the opening of activities registration for Parade in Spokane. By now you should have made your hotel reservations at one of the host hotels.  I hope to meet and greet many of you up in Washington State in July. Additionally, I’ve now wrapped up a hotel plan, as a convenience for those driving through Zone 9 to Parade. Under the assumption that Salt Lake City is a halfway point for many in the south and east parts of Zone 9, we are recommending that you stay at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City on July 7th, and join us for an outdoor cookout at a private home that evening to help break up your travel. On the morning of July 8th, Porsche of Salt Lake City (4 blocks from the hotel) will offer coffee and breakfast treats before you head off for the day. Road warriors can choose to do Salt Lake City to Spokane in a single day’s 10 hour drive, and check into your Parade hotel on the evening of July 8th. For those in a more relaxed mode, we have a block of rooms 6 hours north of Salt Lake City, in McCall Idaho. This will leave us about 5 hours of driving on July 9th Sunday morning and early afternoon, for arrival in Spokane during the PCA registration open hours and in plenty of time before the opening reception. Check you region’s website and/or Facebook Page for details.

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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