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Zone Rep Report April 2012

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

It’s now official: the busy season is upon us. For the Regions of Zone 9, that means that planning season is over and the first events of the year are coming to fruition. Several autocrosses have already been run, tours and show-and-shines will start up this month. And so will track days for the Intermountain, Rocky Mountain, and Alpine Mountain Regions. As for your Zone Rep, I’ve been staying busy over the winter months. I’ve co-written two pieces of PCA policy on social media with Zone 11 Rep Aaron Ambrosino. One is for the RPM and one for Region Focus. The RegionFocus won’t be out till summer, but to look at PCA guidelines for social media in the RPM, turn to page 43 in the 2012 edition. Whether we like it or not, the age of smart-phones, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others is already upon us. These are great tools to add to your communications belt, but as with other forms of media, there are several things to think about to keep your Region from getting in trouble. Both pieces are good food for thought.

Another piece of writing was a job description for a PCA National position for a Regions Website Chair. The National Website Chair position of a few years ago was primarily to develop, build, and maintain the National website, and to also help out wherever possible for the Regions struggling to get their own websites up. In the past couple of years, the National Website Chair position was subsumed in the National management organization and is a full-time professional job. But the club is lacking someone to help guide the smaller regions who are still struggling with building and maintaining their own websites. As the web takes on more and more of the regular communications of a Region, it’s more crucial now that there be someone to help out on that front. I’ve finished the description, now it’ll be up to the EC to find the appropriate candidate.

Of course, I’m still the chair for the PCA Website Contest, so I’ve been busy working on a new set of rules and criteria for this year’s contest and soon the entries will be pouring in. I have a great group of judges this year who will be deciding the finalists in each category. New for this year is a category for Zone websites and an Overall Award, similar to the Robert Heinmiller award for newsletters. If this year’s contest is anything at all like last year’s, it’s going to be hotly contested. We’ll find out at Parade in July.

Some of you may know that I’ve also been working on a proposal from one of my members in the Roadrunner Region that would allow for more family participation in our autocrosses. It’s gone through several levels of scrutiny and is now in the hands of the EC to see if it’s possible given the practicalities of insurance and liability. That’s been a labor of love for the last several months, but I’m relieved that it’s out of my hands...for now.

Like many of you, I have a twitch in my arm that is triggered by the phrase “who want’s to volunteer for....” So, I’ve found myself as co-chair of the Historic Display at this year’s Parade AND leading a bus tour to one of the Salt Lake City area Bonneville speed-shops. The historic display takes place during the concours and will include many rare and priceless Porsches from around the western half of the United States. I’m extremely honored to be entrusted with this task, as it’ll mean that I’ll be able to get hands-on with several priceless cars...even if I am just pushing them around, on and off transporters and lining them up in their appropriate places on the Utah State Capital steps.

The bus-tour will be of interest to anyone who loves cars, especially REALLY fast ones. We’ll be visiting the Nish family shop to see their Royal Purple streamliner as it’s being prepared for a 415mph run at Bonneville later in the summer. It’s one thing to see photos of this stuff, but when you see it in person -- even just sitting still -- it’s jaw-dropping. After spending some time there, we’ll head down to Provo to visit the Kirkham Motorsports headquarters to see final assembly on the finest Cobra reproduction cars anywhere. New, they tell me, are their Daytona Coupe reproductions, which will be on display as well.
As I write this, I’m making final preparations for the Zone 9 meeting in Salt Lake City. Our Zone 9 Region leaders will be convening there for our annual meeting, this year held at Strong Porsche, with several of the National and Parade staff on hand to meet and talk with us.

And, of course, I’m starting my annual trek around the Zone to visit each of our great Regions at least once or more before the end of my term in December. It’s going to be a great and busy year! I look forward to seeing you at an event somewhere!     


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