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Zone Rep Report April 2011

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

Whew! I'm just gathering my breath after a big month of PCA activities. The last time I checked in with you, I had just returned from the Zone 9 meeting in Midland, Texas. I had about one day of rest, a few days of catching up on my own work, then it was off to Las Vegas, NV for the PCA National winter board meeting.

For those of you who aren't familiar,  beyond all the hard work your local Region does to keep things moving, there is also an army of people who work as volunteers at the National level to be sure that events are organized properly, logistics are being handled, rule-books and manuals are updated, committees are moving forward, and all-in-all the organization as a whole is running for and by its members. It's amazing to see how many talented people give so much of their time to insure the running of our club on a local and national level. As Zone Rep, I can tell you it's an inspiration to work with such fine, dedicated people who have a common passion,  Porsches and all the activities we do together.  Once again, that saying proves to be true. It's not just the cars, but the people...

I already know what you're thinking....If these people were in Vegas there must be more fun than work involved. But I am here to tell you that's not so. Our meetings went well into the late afternoon. Rather that flitting around town, the PCAers also dined together, which of course meant some catching up for those of us who hadn't seen each other for a while, but also a fair amount of continued PCA business discussion.
Much of the discussion was centered on this year's two main PCA events, Parade and Escape. As you all know, Parade will be held in Savannah, GA in early August. Though we know it can be hot and steamy in Georgia in the summer months, Savannah is a coastal town with plenty of opportunity to cool off in the water or in the air-conditioned Parade facilities. There are a number of historical locations nearby and a great time is being planned for all the Parade-goers.  If you've never been to a Porsche Parade before, you should really be thinking about attending. It's really an amazing thing to see so many of the cars together, not to mention meet with and hang out with so many great Porsche-loving people.

But if you can't make it to Savannah in August, I hope you'll be thinking of attending PCA Escape in Flagstaff, AZ in mid-September. Escape is now in its seventh year, Escape is quickly becoming one of the most popular events on the PCA calendar, well known for its tours, socials, and friendly atmosphere. With the tours extending out to the Grand Canyon, Hopi Mesas, and Sedona, this year's Escape is sure to be one to remember.

Speaking of Escape and of the National meetings, I should mention that one of our own Zone 9 Regions made a splash appearance to announce their candidacy for a future Escape. Dede Rogers of the Carrera Region brought a 9-person mariachi band to one of the evening functions to announce that the Carrera Region is making a serious bid for the 2013 or 2014 Escape. Believe me, it made an impression on the PCA people present.

I have a special place in my heart for Escape, having chaired the 2008 event in Albuquerque. So,  when the PCA Executive Council asked me to write the job-description for a National level advisor for future Escape committees I couldn't say  no. It also came to be that last year's Website Contest Chair had to forsake that position since he (Tom Gorsuch) has been elected to be National Treasurer in the wake of sad passing of Tim Fleming this past fall.  So, I've taken on that position too. This PCA stuff can really take up some time! Of course it's all worth it since it means I get even more opportunity to interact with more people from around the USA and Canada.

I have to extend thanks to the Las Vegas Region for their kind help and gracious hosting of our group while we were in Vegas. They were kind enough to organize a very nice cocktail party at the Imperial Car Museum and then a dinner at a great restaurant at the top of the Palms Hotel, with great views of all of downtown Vegas.

Though I don't consider myself as any kind of gambler, I did put one dollar in a slot machine at the airport before I left...and lost it. I guess that's not bad for a weekend in Sin City.

I was home for a couple of weeks and then resumed my Zone Rep duties. I made my way over to Amarillo, TX a few weeks ago to pay a visit to the great folks of the Llano Estacada Region. Although it had been a few weeks of good, warm weather in this end of Zone 9 leading up to my visit, the weather got darker and windier as I was leaving Albuquerque. About 40 miles west of Amarillo, the weather got downright nasty with 60 miles an hour wind and snow and sleet making for some treacherous driving. Of course, by the time I got to Amarillo it had cleared completely. It's always good to the LEs. They're one of the smallest Regions in all of PCA, but that doesn't diminish their enthusiasm one bit.

Finally, since I've last written I've spent some time updating the Zone 9 website. Please check out to see what's going on in Zone 9. One thing I can tell you is that more people are talking about making a bid for the Zone 9 Challenge trophy, won by the individual or couple who have made visits to the most Regions in the Zone in one calendar year. For more information on how to enter in 2011 check out the Zone 9 site.

I hope to see you around Zone 9 this year at an event.


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