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Zone Rep Report March 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

While I knew that McDonald’s had a “Hamburger University” I never knew about “PCA University”. Well I’m about to be an attendee, and by the time you read this I’ll be a graduate- assuming I don’t mess up! Yep, there’s a training program for any person new to the PCA staff. This training is done in a very efficient manner, combining the Winter Board Meeting with the twice annual in-person Zone Rep meeting. The meeting takes place very near the new Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, features an on-site dinner and perhaps (I have my fingers crossed) a closer look at the 53 acre playground, handling circuit, ¬†and all of the associated fun things to do. More to come in next month’s “In the Zone”.

Next month, I will also recap the Region President’s meeting about to take place in Colorado Springs on March 4th. Perhaps named improperly, the Region President’s meeting is the one time per year that each Zone Rep can host a meeting of the Presidents, Vice Presidents and Communications focused leaders from each region within the zone. To ensure that region leaders have all the latest input to help run the PCA regions, this meeting follows immediate on the heels of the Winter Board Meeting and the semi-annual in-person Zone reps meeting. There’s also a lot of cross-regional sharing that takes place in the meeting. Having attended the meeting for the past 3 years as a leader within the Intermountain Region, I can vouch for the fact that each attendee brings home some really valuable ideas to their own region.

Finally, by the time you read this, I expect that registration will be open for Parade in Spokane beginning July 9th. Stay tuned for announcements from the Intermountain Region (and in this newsletter) regarding a “meet up” for Zone 9 folks heading to Parade and passing through Salt Lake City along the way. The tentative plan is for a caravan, maybe two caravans, to leave from Salt Lake City on the morning of July 8th. As the zone rep, I plan to “own” a number of the details related to setting up a block of rooms in SLC for the evening of July 7th, and likely in McCall Idaho along a scenic route to Parade on the evening of July 8th, arriving at Parade mid-day Sunday. When I mention two possible caravans, one would be “the express”, a 10 hour all Interstate drive with limited bio breaks, arriving in Spokane the evening of Saturday July 8th. The other would be the aforementioned “scenic route” also leaving Salt Lake City on Saturday morning, but departing the interstate highways for more scenic routes on Saturday afternoon.
Stay Tuned!

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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