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Zone Rep Report February 2017

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Rich Sanders

Event calendars for most regions are coming together nicely. Rocky Mountain Region and Alpine Mountain Region seem to have the running start on getting their full calendars locked down and posted on their websites. As a single event though, it’s clear that the team putting together the Santa Fe FIESTA in the Roadrunner Region, really has their act together as the registration site went live back in December 2016!  In my own home region, Intermountain, the committee leads have been locking down the track dates. Those dates then drive timing for the socials, and then the autocross venue rentals etc.- all to avoid conflicting dates. No matter the region, the amount of work it takes to put together a full year calendar is really impressive, fairly invisible, and as a result, underappreciated. So if you are a club member reading this monthly zone letter and checking out your own region’s newsletter or website, you might want to drop a short “thank you” in an email (or on your region’s Facebook page) to the team that puts it all together. A large part of the work in pulling together a year of activity for any PCA region, comes right now in the planning stages!

Speaking of planning, now is the time to consider participating in the Zone 9 Challenge. The goal is to visit and participate in an event in all 7 regions of Zone 9. This year in particular, MIGHT be the most practical year to go after the challenge. Think about it. Treffen is in Austin Texas in late March, early April. This gives you a great reason to cross the Lone Star State and hit all 3 of our Texas regions- Llano Estacado, West Texas and Carrera- on the way out and on the way back.  Then in July, with Parade being in Spokane this year, you have a reason to pass through Salt Lake City. We are planning a Cars and Coffee type breakfast at Porsche Salt Lake City for anyone in the zone passing through on that Saturday morning on their way to Spokane. We may even suggest a recommended hotel with discounted rooms the night before. So stay tuned.

Coming back to now, I’m looking out the window at a foot of fresh fallen snow and listening to Utah Highway Patrol reports of 200 slide offs and 3 trooper’s cars being hit. In stark comparison, Intermountain Region members are simultaneously posting Facebook pictures of their Porsches that serve as daily drivers all winter. So far each post has been a mid-engine. I’m hoping a C4S owner, or an even more daring Carrera owner will post some pix, too. Strangely there’s not one post from a Cayenne or Macan owner. I guess that falls into the category of “so what’s the big deal”? The only reason for going down this path though, is that I’m thinking about driver safety. Especially teens on dry roads, and all of the rest of us in challenging winter conditions. In the next year, I would LOVE to see a region or two visit or revisit plans for teen survival skill programs, AND for the rest of us, some winter driving skills development. Hmmm…I think I just decided to add this topic to the agenda of the Colorado Springs Zone meeting with region Presidents on March 4th.

Rich Sanders, Zone 9 Rep

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