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Zone Rep Report February 2014

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

I was glad to be able to join RMR for their holiday party at the Glenmoor Country Club and it was a fun evening for everyone. I flew into Denver from Austin so I wasn’t able to get to the party at the beginning but thankfully Kathy Fricke saved me a spot at one of the tables! Awards were handed out and all of the volunteers and leads for the events of 2013 were recognized and applauded. I was happy to present the Zone 9 Challenge trophy to repeat-winners, Nancy and Joe Warren and recognize their achievement of participating in the events at 5 of the 7 Zone 9 Regions (they also attended Parade in Traverse City, MI). It was also fun to swear in the 2014 RMR officers.

About a month after the RMR party, I had my first Zone event of the year: the Presidents’ Meeting in Colorado Springs. Fred Veitch was extremely helpful in setting up things for the weekend – the restaurant for the Friday night social, the meeting location (Marriott), lunch at Porsche of Colorado Springs, and then dinner at a private car collection. Fred even had a small car-wash station set up at the hotel and it was too bad that we didn’t get a chance to wash our cars (I avoided washing my car since it’s common for that exercise to induce a rain or snow shower!).

We had great participation for the Presidents’ meeting and there was much collaboration among everyone. These were the meeting attendees:

Alpine Mountain Region - President Tom Kautz (and wife, Patty), Vice-president Joel Godfredson, Newsletter Editor Phyllis Godfredson (and husband, Hank), and Webmaster Kathleen Lennon.

Carrera Region - President Dan Thomas (and his walking cast)

Intermountain Region -Vice-president Rich Sanders and Newsletter Editor Jeremy Rosenberger.

Llano Estacado Region – President Joseph Papp and Vice-president Alex Hallerberg.

Roadrunner Region - President Bill Kaltenbach, Webmaster Ann Mulhern, and Newsletter Editor Steve Waller.

Rocky Mountain Region – President Jim Widrig, 1st Vice-president John Mackin, 2nd Vice-president Joe Warren, Newsletter Editor David Schmidt, and Webmaster Scott Rogers.

West Texas Region – President Wil Carter

The agenda for the day consisted of discussing Zone 9 business (and Zone info, in general), PCA resources,  PCA National events – Parade and Escape, Region calendars, and the Region Procedure Manual. Lunch at Porsche of Colorado Springs was a real treat – and it was not just the food! There were several race cars in the showroom and Porsches, Porsches, Porsches everywhere! Thanks very much to the PofCS team for having us over for lunch: Don Hicks (owner), Joe Brenner, Robert Prilika, and Fred Veitch.

After lunch, Roadrunner member, Sean Cridland, spoke to us on some PCA RegionFocus topics, the importance of preserving a Region’s history, and some of the car-related things he’s currently involved in. Sean has a vast experience with PCA and was able to answer questions from the meeting attendees.

Sean’s talk was followed by a break-out session for the webmasters and newsletter editors and the feedback I received was that they were able to collaborate and share information among each other.

The rest of us had further discussion related to the Region Procedure Manual and then when all of us were together, we discussed a few topics like attracting and retaining members, recruiting new officers and board members, and different types of events.

It was a long day but I was pleased with how the meeting went and I think everyone came away with some things they learned, reconnection with their friends from other Regions, and new connections with other people.

Please check the Region calendars on their respective websites and/or newsletters, and start your plan to win the Zone 9 Challenge trophy this year! I’m a little late in updating the Zone 9 Calendar but I’ll get to it as soon as I can. If you have any questions about events in some of the smaller Regions, just contact the Region president (email addresses are listed on the Zone 9 website, ).


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