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Zone Rep Report February 2013

Liz ShawIn the Zone by Liz Shaw

Hello, Zone 9! All of the Regions are getting their year started and things are already busy! The Roadrunner Region Fiesta Chairs (Jo Martin and moi), had a planning meeting on January 5th and were able to get more tour leaders and other volunteers signed up. This year’s Fiesta will be centered in downtown Santa Fe, with the historic La Fonda hotel as its headquarters. The Fiesta website is currently undergoing major renovation and should be up and running before the end of January ( The theme this year is “Fiesta 2013 – Santa Fe Style!”

Roadrunner Region gets their autocross season going early, with the Frostbite Series in January and February. Interestingly, racing in NM in early winter usually means cold, dry weather but often in March, we’ve encountered true, “damnable weather” – hence, the Die Serie opener, “Weather Be Damned”.

On other fronts, the schedules are being updated for most of the Zone 9 Regions so please check their websites often. I haven’t planned my entire year, yet, but I’m really looking forward to attending some DE’s in Colorado this year. When I lived in northern California, I became the registrar for “Coastal Driving School”  - a joint venture between the Loma Prieta Region and the Monterey Bay Region. The two years that I was involved with that organization were so fun and I really miss driving on the big tracks! Our first event was at Thunderhill Raceway, northeast of Sacramento, and I had not even ridden in a car on a big track before getting my first DE under my belt! That’s a challenging, fun track and I’d like to go back there someday. Coastal Driving also had DE’s at Laguna Seca (my favorite track!), Buttonwillow (near Bakersfield), and Fernley (outside of Reno). Since I left California, they’ve continued to have events at many of the tracks in central and northern California.  Although some of the principals have changed over the years, CDS still exists and if you’re ever in northern California and need a big track fix, check them out!

I had wanted to attend the Eiskhana in Colorado in January, but work got in the way! I’ve heard lots about that event and one of the veteran Roadrunners, Doug Brosveen, used to do quite a bit of ice racing when he lived in Minnesota. I think this type of racing is a bit different from when my brother and I used to spin donuts in our VW bug in the snow!

Rocky  Mountain Region also has some interesting training sessions from January to March. These are excellent opportunities for you to learn how to be a control person, chair an event, or do tech inspections. And you could also get started on checking off Region events for the Zone 9 Challenge!

Speaking of attending events, I’ll have some exciting things to tell you about in next month’s report – the Rolex 24 at Daytona, the Zone 9 Presidents (and webmasters and newsletter editors) meeting in Amarillo, Texas and the PCA Winter meeting in Orlando.

See you soon!

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