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Zone Rep Report February 2010

Sean CridlandIn the Zone by Sean Cridland

Ah, the lull before the storm….

While the end of the year is often filled with all kinds of Holiday parties and toy drives and other great PCA events, the first weeks of the New Year are usually the quietest times for our Regions, especially because many of us live in the snow-belt. But really that’s only partially true, since many of the Regions will have new people who will very quickly be coming to terms with their new  positions of leadership.

To own a Porsche already puts one in a “special” category of people, many of who are already business and community leaders. But, every organization has its own culture, its own policies, and is own personnel dynamic. Hence, many of the new Regional leaders in Zone 9 will be working hard to learn how things work at the top end of their Regions and especially about the culture of PCA National.

It’s often the case that we think of National as an entirely separate entity and in some ways it is. PCA is set up to provide as much autonomy to the various Regions around the country as it possibly can. As a result, national policies may often be completely invisible to the casual club member who only participates at the local level. That’s a good thing because it allows every Region to develop its own flavor and allow for a great freedom of expression and participation. At the same time, Regions participate in a whole host of benefits that could only come with an “economy of scale” and a nationally  governing set of principles.  

Those benefits include our national, award-winning magazine Panorama, an organization and/or organizational assistance for Porsche Parade and PCA Escape, uniform safety policies and competition rules and, of course, insurance and legal  support.  The Porsche Club of America is the largest single-marque car club in the world and that translates to an excellent organization at the top levels and communication through the Zone levels to all of the 139 Regions across the United States and Canada. Your Regional and National officials work together to see that everything runs as smoothly and as safely as it possibly can, while still encouraging the highest possible fun quotient.

Part of what your Regional leadership will be doing in February is coming up to speed on some of those issues as well as sharing some of their own issues, concerns, and solutions at the annual Zone 9 President’/Newsletter Editors/Webmaster meeting in Albuquerque on February 13th.  It was determined many years ago that Albuquerque is “equally inconvenient” for all the Regions in Zone 9 (except, of course, the Roadrunner Region) and “Alb” makes for a good central meeting place for those coming from Texas, Colorado, and Utah. This year Club Racer and many-year PCA member Bruce Phillips will be hosting the meeting at his business, where he has a large classroom for his employees.

Not only is this a great opportunity for the new and veteran Region presidents to get up to speed on PCA issues. It’s a great forum for sharing experiences and solutions amongst the varied Regions that make up Zone 9.  It’s the one opportunity during the year for all of the Regional presidents to get together  to share ideas. Similarly, the Zone meeting offers an opportunity for the newsletter editors and webmasters to pick each other’s brains and share ideas about getting the word out to our members with more flair and efficiency.

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