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Zone 9 Meeting

Annual Zone Meeting

Each year -- usually in February or March-- the Presidents, Newsletter Editors and Webmasters of the Regions of Zone 9 gather to discuss issues of policy, liability, safety, procedures and the activities of their Regions for the upcoming year. It's also a time to meet the other leaders from around the Zone to form alliances and friendships.

Vu NguyenThe Zone Meeting is a combination of an orientation for new PCA Regional Officers, a retreat to gather and share ideas, a social gathering, and a session to learn about PCA policy. In addition, the afternoon session contains discussion amongst the newsletter editors and webmasters about production ideas, skills, and challenges.

Since the Regional leaders don't get many opportunities to see each other in person, the Zone 9 Rep hosts an informal gathering on the Friday night of the meeting weekend and participants often have dinner together to meet and greet outside of the meeting setting. It is also a long standing tradition of the Zone 9 for the hosting Region to have a social at which all of their members have an opportunity to meet the other Zone 9 leaders.

For most of the history of Zone 9, the annual meeting took place in Albuquerque, NM in the Roadrunner Region, since it was thought that Albuquerque was about equally inconvenient to everyone.

But in 2010 it was suggested by the participants that it might be a good idea to start moving the meeting around to the different Regions of the Zone so that they might each have a chance to play host and for the various Regions to get a flavor for the others.

Manny AlbanSo, for 2011 the Zone 9 meeting was hosted by the West Texas Region in Midland, Texas at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, just feet away from the Jim Hall Chaparral Museum, home to all of the ground-breaking Chaparral race cars of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was also attended by PCA National Secretary Caren Cooper and PCNA representative Steve Krysil.

For 2012, The Intermountain Region hosted the Zone 9 Meeting in Salt Lake City at Strong Porsche, where meeting attendees viewed the 2012 Porsche Parade facilities and venues and met with the Parade Planning Committee (including Parade Chair Susan Brown, Parade Facilities Planner Francie Kish, and Concours Chair Dan DeRiemer), PCA National President Manny Alban, PCA Executive Director Vu Nguyen, and PAG/PCNA Club Manager Paul Gregor. There was a small social on Friday night to give the new Presidents an opportunity to get to know each other, the all-day meeting, then on Susan BrownSaturday night the Intermountain Region hosted a Social for all of their members to get to meet the Zone 9 meeting participants as well as the National and Parade Staff on hand. Then, early Sunday morning the Zone 9 participants set off to view the concours grounds at the state capital and to visit the Cobra museum at Miller Motorsports Park as well as get a ride around the long track with instructor Bill Rhinehart.

Because Zone 9 is spread out over such a large geographic area, the Zone meeting may be the only opportunity for members of distant Regions within the Zone to see each other and talk in person. Getting together like this is part of the strength of the PCA. After all, it's not just the cars, it's the people.

Zone 9 Meeting Locations and Host Regions

2017: Colorado Springs, CO (Alpine Mountain)
2016: Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain>
2015: El Paso, TX (Carrera)
2014: Colorado Springs (Alpine Mountain)
2013: Amarillo, TX (Llano Estacado)
2012: Salt Lake City, UT (Intermountain)
2011: Midland, TX (West Texas)
1974-2010: Albuquerque, NM (Roadrunner)

Zone 9 meeting