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History of Zone 9

rockymountain 356After the formation of PCA in 1955, the young club of Porsche enthusiasts found more and more demand for club charters from around the country. The Rocky Mountain Region became the 11th chartered PCA Region in July of 1958. At the time Rocky Mountain extended all the way from Mexico to Canada along the spine of the Rocky Mountains from as far east as Kansas and as far west as Nevada. Only a couple years later, the Intermountain Region split off from Rocky Mountain and was chartered as PCA's 35th Region in October of 1960. In June and July of 1966 respectively, the Llano Estacado and Carrera Regions made the split to become PCA's 64th and 65th Regions. In October of 1967, it was the Roadrunner Region's turn to form a Region centered in Northern New Mexico and become PCA's 70th Region.

PCA Zones 1969By this time, PCA leadership realized that the Club was growing faster than anyone had planned and that proper management of safety and other issues would be better handled by apportioning the Regions into Zones and appointing a Zone Representative to attend various events in the Regions to monitor safety and act as a direct line of communication between the Regions and PCA National. The first Zone Reps were named in 1969 when PCA created 8 Zones accross the United States and Canada.

Originally, Colorado and Utah fell into Zone 6 and New Mexico and the Texas Regions were in Zone 5. In 1974 PCA created Zone 9 out of portions of Zones 5 and 6. Jim Stubbs, a member since 1958 and the Porsche Parade Chair for 1960 was named as Zone 9's first Zone Rep. At that time, Zone 9 included the Wichita Region of Kansas and most of the state of Wyoming portions that eventually became the Yellowstone and Absaroka Regions of Zone 6, but did not include the Intermountain Region of Utah.

img2In April of 1975, Alpine Mountain Region split off from the Rocky Mountain Region to claim the Southern half of Colorado and in 1980, the West Texas Region split off from Llano Estacado to better serve the Midland and Lubbock areas and become Zone 9's last and newest member Region. At the time Zone 9 was geographically the largest Zone, with the fewest PCA members of any Zone.

Then, in 1999 the borders of Zone 9 were realigned with the Wichita Region being ceded to Zone 10 and the Intermountain Region joining Zone 9, giving us the borders we have up to the present (December 2014).


National Officers:

Since its formation, Zone 9 Regions and members have taken prominent positions in PCA leadership, event organization, and had much success in competition at the National level, taking home many trophies over the years from Parade and other events. Zone 9 has hosted 7 Porsche Parades and a PCA Escape. Zone 9 has been and will continue to be a force to reckon with in the world of all things Porsche Club of America for some time to come.

Zone 9 has had four members become officers on the PCA Executive Council. They are:

monte smith Monte Smith (Intermountain): 2001-2002 PCA Treasurer
Monte & Sue purchased their first Porsche, a 944, in 1983 and, wanting to learn how to handle the car, attended an autocross hosted by the Intermountain Region.  They met some great people and joined the Club; it was the beginning of a new, exciting and, oftimes, challenging chapter in their lives.  In 1986 they purchased their first 911.  Between 1985 and 1990, Monte served as Region newsletter editor and Sue was involved with socials.  In 1990 they bought a 911 C2.  Monte served as Region VP during 1991-1992.  During much of this time the Smith’s were involved in autocross and joined POC so that they could time trial and race. 1993 would be a year that changed their Porsche lives.  Alan Friedman had traveled to England to study the Porsche Club racing series in that country and returned home to convince the PCA Executive Council to permit a Club Race Program to be organized.   In preparation for that event, the Smith’s traveled to Stuttgart and purchased an RS America; it would be the first of this incredible model imported into the USA.  They attended the first ever PCA Club Race, organized by Anita Moyle, at Second Creek, Colorado.  Monte would serve as Intermountain Region president, 1993-1994. Two years later, also at a PCA Club Race at Second Creek, they found and purchased a 1956 356A Cab Speedster.  Between 1993 and 1997 they campaigned the RS America in races throughout North America and were never defeated.  They also raced professionally during this time and after.In 1997, after Monte’s racing record and the RS were featured in B.F. Goodrich ads nationally, they sold the car and bought a 993 Twin Turbo race car.  The car won that years National Pikes Peak Hill Climb and would never be defeated in class while road racing.  In this year Monte was asked by the EC to serve as Chairman of PCA Club Racing.  He would do so through 2000. In 2000, Monte was elected PCA National Treasurer and served in that post through 2002.  At the Parade in Boise in 2002 the Smiths won the Restoration Class in the Concours d’Elegance with their 1989 930 Twin Turbo Factory Slant Nose Cabriolet; they were awarded the Weissach Level of Achievement with 295 points. In 2003 Monte was presented with the Zone Representative Award of Merit for his contribution to the Porsche Club of America. For the Smiths, it has been both about the Car and about the People and during nearly thirty years of PCA participation they have made many friendships, and formed relationships, that will last a lifetime.


chick misuraCharles A. "Chick" Misura (Rocky Mountain): 1997-98 PCA Vice President, 1993-96 PCA Treasurer
Chick joined PCA in 1971 and served in many capacities at the Regional and National levels. He was twice President of Rocky Mountain Region and served four terms as their Vice President, along with many other roles and chair to many events. He was President of Rocky Mountain when they won the Region of the Year in 1976. At the National level he was Parade Competition Rules Chair for seven terms, 1978 Parade Vice Chair, a Parade concours judge, and on the Parade Protest Committee. He and his wife Sandi (who also served on the PCA Executive Council) participated in many Parades in their 1972 911S and won many rally and driving event awards. Both Chick and Sandi were named as PCA Enthusiast of the Year (in separate years). Chick has two degrees, one in Business Administration and one in Civil Engineering and he served as an officer with the U.S. Navy Seabees for two tours of duty in Vietnam. Chick's philosophy for leadership in PCA was "we own the finest automobiles in the world, but the true character of PCA is reflected in it's membership."


sandi misuriSandi Misura (Rocky Mountain): 1981-84 PCA Secretary
Sandi joined PCA in 1971 and was one of PCA's most dedicated and enthusiastic members. Through her various activities, she was in contact with members in almost every region in PCA. Sandi was Membership Chair of the Rocky Mountain Region for four years, a period in which the Region almost doubled in size. She took PCA's Enthusiast of the Year in 1976, the first woman to receive that honor. Sandi was also Parade Registrar for the 1978 Parade in Aspen. Sandi and her husband "Chick" joined PCA shortly after purchasing their first Porsche, a burgandy 911T couple, which became their rally and concours car, with the 911S being their track car. Besided co-chairing many driving events and taking awards in driving events, Sandi also took many prizes in Parade Art Show contests.


Norm MartinNorm Martin (Rocky Mountain):1979-80 PCA Secretary
Norm joined PCA in 1969, after acquiring his first Porsche, a 1966 912 Coupe. He also owned a 1970 Targa, several 356 models, and a 1970 914-6 race-car. After attempting his first competitive event, he decided to become active and chaired many events. He was President of the Rocky Mountain Region in 1972. He liked all the events, including rally, autocross, and concours. He completely restored two 356s and his 356 B coupe won first in class honors at Parade in both 1975 and 1976. He was most proud of his being awarded Enthusiast of the Year at the Minnesota Parade in 1976. Norm served for three years on the PCR Rules Committee and in 1978 he was chair of the very popular 23rd Porsche Parade in Aspen. His wife Phyllis was also very active in PCA, participating in both rally and concours.


Zone 9 Reps

Zone Reps act as intermediaries between PCA National and the Regions of their Zone. They monitor their Regions to see that safety procedures are being upheld and that each Region is running smoothly and serving its membership. They also carry issues from the Regions to PCA National to insure that the national organization is representing its members around the country and that National leadership is reflecting the needs and wishes of its members.

The Zone 9 Reps have been:

Liz ShawLiz Shaw (Roadrunner): 2013-
Originally from Santa Fe, NM, she lived with husband Sam for many years in the San Francisco Bay area and was very active with the Loma Prieta Region. Returning to her roots in New Mexico she became active with the Roadrunner Region in 2005, where she almost immediately took up the position of webmaster and goodie-store chair, bringing both to new levels of excellence and activity not seen before. In 2006 she joined the Roadrunner board. In 2007 she became Vice President and chaired Fiesta New Mexico. Then in 2008 she was President of the Region and registrar for the very successful PCA Escape to the Land of Enchantment. The Roadrunner Region was awarded PCA’s Region of the Year for 2008 under her guidance. Liz also attended Parade during each of those years, always volunteering and in 2010 she and fellow Roadrunner Jo Martin were named Chairs of the Michelin Drive and Compare event at Parade, a post she continues in. In addition, Liz has co-chaired Fiesta New Mexico (formerly Fiesta del Porsche) on three occasions. She is an avid autocrosser and DE participant who has taken many trophies in her class over the years.  Obviously she shows a strong commitment and love for PCA activities on all levels. In addition, Liz has attended many of the big races in which Porsche was active, volunteering for and developing relationships with many of the dominant Porsche racing teams.

Sean CridlandSean Cridland (Roadrunner): 2009-12
Originally from upstate New York, Sean moved to Colorado in 1973 and then to New Mexico in 2004. His career has taken him from professional ski racer, to academia, and then on to the digital arts and film-making. Sean Cridland joined PCA in fall of 2003. He served as VP of the Roadrunner Region in 2005, President in 2007, newsletter editor from 2005 through 2008, Chaired two Fiestas del Porsche (now known as Fiesta New Mexico) and chaired many other driving and social events for the Region. In 2008 Sean Chaired PCA Escape: Journey to the Land of Enchantment and became a PCA certified Driving Instructor. He became Zone 9 Rep in 2009 and has been active since, contributing several articles to both Panorama and Regionfocus. He has also chaired the PCA Website Contest in 2011 and 2012 and was Parade Historics Chair in 2012. In 2010 Sean started a new tradition in Zone 9, the Zone 9 Challenge Cup, which is awarded to the PCA Zone 9 member who has participated in events in the most number of Zone 9 Regions. In 2011, Sean broke tradition and began circulating the Zone 9 Presidents meeting to the various Regions of the Zone to generate greater Zone consciousness amongst the leaders of its member Regions.

dale theroDale Thero (Rocky Mountain): 2006-08
Dale was born outside of Topeka, Kansas, but his family moved to Colorado Springs in 1950, where he attended public school and then Colorado State University in Fort Collins where he studied business administration. He worked in title insurance for 26 years. His bought his first Porsche in 1966, a 1956 Speedster. He joined the Rocky Mountain Region of the PCA in 1975 and was Door Prize Chair at the 1978 Parade in Snowmass Village, Colorado. He also served as President of the Alpine Mountain Region from 1986 through 1988, on the Autocross organizing committee for the 1988 Porsche Parade in Colorado Springs, was Chair of the Porsche Parade in Steamboat Springs in 1998 and as Zone 9 Rep from 1993 through 1996 and then again from 2006 through 2008. Dale has competed in PCA Club Racing, was the Autocross Chair at the 2009 Parade in Keystone, Colorado.

howard burrHoward Burr (Alpine Mountain): 2005-06
Howard Burr is a man with a passion for Porsches. When there wasn’t a Porsche distributor in Colorado Springs, Howard opened a repair garage business exclusively for Porsches of all shapes, sized, models and vintages: Alpine Mountain Garage. He attended eight Porsche Parades all over the country and Canada, made four visits to Porsche AG, participated in several Treffens, owned eleven Porsches over the years and has over 3000 model Porsches and an extensive Porsche Book library in his collection. In his own words, “Few are as sick as I am about our Porsche Marque.” Howard joined Alpine Mountain Region in 1980 and was active as a board member of that region several times, holding almost every position at one time or another. He also organized several events, including the 70 car Fall 2000 tour. Howard became the Zone 9 Rep in 2005, travelling to events all over the Zone, to Parade in Hershey, PA and to the very first PCA Escape put on by the Redwood Region. Howard and his wife Doreen are now retired and live in California.


Kathy FrickeKathy Fricke (Rocky Mountain) 2001-04
Kathy joined the Porsche Club America in 1985 and, she says, the fun began! She immediately became active in the Alpine Mountain Region and served as AMR’s membership Chairperson from 1986 to 1989, Vice President in 1990 and President in 1991.  She met Walt Fricke in 1991 and they married in 1993, moved to Boulder, CO. and transferred to the Rocky Mountain Region.  After a small hiatus, she was invited to serve as RMR’s 2nd Vice President in 1996, 1st Vice President in 1997 and President in 1998 and 1999. Upon attending the Sacramento, CA, Porsche Parade in 2000, Larry Pittsley, then the Zone 9 Representative, introduced Kathy to several members of the PCA Executive Council.  "They invited me to serve as Zone 9 rep," which she accepted and served from 2001 to 2004. She says "What a joy that experience was.  I met and still have very close friends across the US and Europe because of the Zone 9 experience." She served with some of the most knowledgeable car people in the US as a Concours Judge since 1995, then driving a1984 Chiffon White Carrera. I was invited to join the National Concours Judging staff in 2001.In 2006 I Chaired the 2009 Porsche Parade in Colorado.  As she says, "What was I thinking! As it turned out, it was again a very rewarding life experience for me.  No one individual could possibly do such a daunting job without the help of many AMR and RMR friends.  There were 63 individual Chair people who agreed to work with me, and together we all worked toward the ultimate success of the 2009 Keystone, CO. Porsche Parade." Kathy has had the privilege of being a Driving Instructor for Rocky Mountain and Alpine Mountain Regions since 1994.  She is also one of the few women Club Racers holding a Full Club Racing license since 1995. Kathy says, "Porsche Club of America has provided some of the best times of my life!"


Larry PittsleyLarry Pittsley (Roadrunner): 1997-2000
Larry joined the Porsche Club of America in 1982 but was not very active until 1985.  In 1985 he was elected to be treasurer of the Roadrunner Region for 1986 and then the fun began.  In 1987 Larry was elected as the Vice President and was the Chairman of the Fiesta del Porsche in Santa Fe.  That followed two terms as the Region President, 1988 and 1992.  Meeting many people from Zone 9, such as Allan Worrell and Dale Thero, helped Larry decide that he wanted to become involved with the Porsche Club of America, nationally. Later in 1992 Larry was asked by PCA President Burt Misivic to be the Zone 11 Representative.  Zone 11 was the off shore regions, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Germany.  Of course he didn’t have much of a travel budget so he only got to visit Hawaii for their 35th Anniversary celebration.  Much of the work of the Zone 11 Rep was done by phone and e-mail.
In 1996 Larry was asked by PCA President Judy Bowles to follow Dale Thero as the Zone 9 Representative.  It was a terrific time getting to visit all of the Regions in Zone 9 and meeting many wonderful and enthusiastic people.  During that time, Larry was on the PCA Club Racing Competition Committee for two terms with Club Racing Chairman Monte Smith.  He was also on the PCA National Nominating Committee with Chairman Prescott Kelley.  Both of these appointments were very fulfilling. Larry became a licensed Club Racing driver in 1993 and participated in 21 Club Racing events in the Western half of the U.S.  Larry participated in many of the regions' autocross events.  He and Mark Hanna created the Roadrunner Region Die Serie (German for "The Series") in the late 80’s.  Larry was also a driving instructor for the Roadrunner Region for several years.


dale theroDale Thero (Rocky Mountain): 1993-96
Dale was born outside of Topeka, Kansas, but his family moved to Colorado Springs in 1950, where he attended public school and then Colorado State University in Fort Collins where he studied business administration. He worked in title insurance for 26 years. His bought his first Porsche in 1966, a 1956 Speedster. He joined the Rocky Mountain Region of the PCA in 1975 and was Door Prize Chair at the 1978 Parade in Snowmass Village, Colorado. He also served as President of the Alpine Mountain Region from 1986 through 1988, on the Autocross organizing committee for the 1988 Porsche Parade in Colorado Springs, was Chair of the Porsche Parade in Steamboat Springs in 1998 and as Zone 9 Rep from 1993 through 1996 and then again from 2006 through 2008. Dale has competed in PCA Club Racing, was the Autocross Chair at the 2009 Parade in Keystone, Colorado.


Cal HansenCal Hansen (Roadrunner): 1989-92
Cal and Bonnie got their first 914 in September 1973 and then joined the First Settlers Region of PCA in 1974 so he could get a discount on parts at the local dealer. Shortly after, he was awarded with the Region's Enthusiast of the Year award. They replaced the 914 with a 924 after an accident left the 914 unsuitable for track events. In 1978 The Hansens moved to New Mexico and in spring of 1979 joined the Roadrunner Region and started participating in events all around Zone 9, trophying many times at Fiesta del Porsche in Santa Fe, an event that drew as many as 110 cars on some years. In fall of 1981 they traded the 924 for a 911 that they took to many events in Colorado and New Mexico, including track days at 2nd Creek, Mountain View, Aspen, Pueblo & La Junta. Then they got a 914 as a dedicated track car and traded the 911 for a restored 356 and eventually bought a brand new 944 turbo. After a couple of turns as Roadrunner Region President, Cal found out about the Zone 9 Rep job and lobbied for it, knowing that it's the best job in all of PCA. Cal greatly enjoyed his time as Zone Rep traveling all over Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah and attending the National events representing Zone 9. He and Bonnie are now retired and living in Utah.


Allan WorrellAllan Worrell (Alpine Mountain): 1985-88
Well known for his dry wit, Allan was a PCA member from May 1975 to October 2004.  He gave three decades of leadership, guidance, support and friendship to the members of the Porsche Club of America. Some of the positions he held in PCA include Charter Member of Alpine Mountain Region PCA, organized several key functions for 1978 Porsche Parade Snowmass, President Rocky Mountain Region PCA in 1979, Chair of the 1988 Porsche Parade in Colorado Springs, 1989 PCA National Safety Chairman, 1995 President Alpine Mountain Region PCA, 1998 Organizing Committee and Treasurer Porsche Parade Steamboat Springs, 1975 - 1998 driving instructor Alpine Mountain Region & Rocky Mountain Region, and Event chairman for various Drivers Education, Autocross, Rally and Fall Tour events for Alpine Mountain and Rocky Mountain regions from 1975 to 1998.  He was also Member and Racing License holder of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing and Porsche Club Racing for many years. Allan passed away in October of 2004.


frank barrettFrank Barrett (Rocky Mountain): 1979-84
Frank joined PCA in 1968 with a '65 912 (and still has it--class winner twice in Parade concours, still autocross it). As RMR newsletter editor, he won the Heinmiller Award circa-1973, and was a Panorama contributing editor from about 1975 to 1982. Frank edited and published The Star (MBCA national magazine) from 1982 to 2007. He also edited The First 25 Years of Porsche Panorama circa 1982. In 1978 he started Toad Hall Motorbooks, specializing in Porsche books and posters. With Anne Barrett and Mick Williams, he started PCA's Newsletter Committee in 1974, and assembled a book of Porsche "clip-art" for newsletter editors. He has shot thousands of Porsche photos from 1968 to present, wrote two books (The Illustrated Mercedes-Benz Buyers Guide and Shelby Cars in Detail), is currently a book editor for David Bull Publishing. Frank has owned a '52 356 1500S, a '65 912, a '70 911E, and a '73 914 2.0. He was also heavily involved in 1978, 1988, 1998, and 2009 Parades. Frank is still active in PCA.


Mavis HamptonMavis Hampton (Carrera): 1977-78
Mavis joined PCA in 1972 and became PCA's very first woman Zone Representative. She was President of the Carrera Region. Her daily driver was a 356B, but she campaigned a 356C Cabriolet in PCA driving events and in SCCS Solo II events. Mavis was very active in Regional and Zone events and participated in several Parades. Her husband Jim was very active in PCA Rallying, taking the Porsche Parade Hoffman Rally Driver trophy once and the Woolery Memorial Rally Navigator trophy three times. Jim passed away in 2004 and Mavis has since retired in Southern Texas.



Mike TiernanMike Tiernan (Llano Estacado): 1977
Mike became a member of PCA in 1971 and served as the Vice President of Llano Estacado Region for one year and President for three years. He was an enthusiast of rally, autocross, and track days and drove a 914-6. Unfortunately, he was forced to resign as Zone 9 Rep after one year when his brother and business partner passed away and he needed to tend to real-world responsibilities.



Jim McConnellJim McConnell (Rocky Mountain): 1975-76
Jim joined PCA in 1969 and served Rocky Mountain Region as Second Vice President, First Vice President, and two terms as President. He was also RMR's Activity Chair in 1973 and 1974. Previous to joining PCA, Jim was also active in SCCA, working with several successful racing teams and was president of another Denver-area sports car club. Jim restored a 1951 356 Coupe and used his 1965 356SC couple as both a daily driver and the occasional track event. He also, on occasion, drove a 1953 1500S couple. He had degrees in Fine Arts and Psychology with a Specialty in Educational Research. He described his time as being taken up by the endless pursuits of more degrees...when he was not working on the nearst Porsche. In his later years, he and wife Mary lived in Arizona where he was active with the Studebaker Drivers Club. Jim passed away in 2004.


Jim StubbsJim Stubbs (Rocky Mountain): 1974
Zone 9's very first Zone Rep, Jim joined PCA in 1958 with a 1600 Normal Speedster and put close to 400,000 miles on the car, driving it every day. He was a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Region and was co-chair of the 1960 Porsche Parade in Aspen was also on the first Viaje de Mexico event in 1961. Jim was a member of SCCA since 1951 and held a National Stewards license. Professionally, he was a Structural Behavior Engineer and took 35mm color slides "for my own amazement" and described himself as a "calm, steady, easy going, old man." He drove his 356 until it literally fell apart from rust, then replaced it with a 914, which he drove for the rest of his life.


*Special thanks to all those who have helped research and compile Zone 9 history, including (but not limited to) Kathleen Lennon, Dale Thero, Kathy Fricke, Phyllis Godfredson, Amy Legg-Rogers, RJ Wilmoth, Charlotte Chirinos, Larry Pittsley, Mavis Hampton, Mary Powell-McConnell, Frank Barrett, Fran Walker, Dave Stinchcomb.