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Concours d'Elegance

The phrase "Concours d'Elegance" is French for competition of elegance. It is understood to mean a competition among car owners to be judged on the appearance of their automobiles.

Porsche-lovers enjoy many variations of showing off their cars including no-pressure "show and shines", top-surface-only concours (no white gloves under the coachwork or inspections for oil-leaks), people's choice concours (judged soley by the public via ballot), fun-category concours, and fully judged competition-level concours d'elegance.

concoursTraditionally vehicle judging at a competitive Concours d'Elegance is much more demanding than that of a neighborhood or general automobile show. Trained judges examine the vehicle thoroughly and in its entirety. They rate each and every component. Only those vehicles that are judged perfect (or very nearly so) in every way, are considered eligible for trophy class.

Often the competitiveness of a Concours d'Elegance forces restoration of a vehicle to surpass 'mint' condition. Mint condition would be the state of the vehicle when it originally left the factory. Concours-quality cars often are given upholstery, paint, chrome (or nickel) plating, and mechanical restoration far exceeding that of the car when it was new.

concoursHere, the emphasis is as much on originality as the condition, although this also is very important. The general aim is to present a vehicle that is in the same, or better, condition than it was in when it left the production line. Unless original, modifications are not allowed, and components must be suitable for the year and model of the automobile. Even components or features fitted to automobiles of the same type, but in a different production year or trim level, are not allowed. Original-equipment-accessories from the manufacturers own range are allowed and some competitions allow after-market equipment and accessories, provided they are of the correct period. On top of this, automobiles must be presented in flawless visual condition, as with other Concours-grade cars.

Often Concours d'Elegance quality automobiles are not driven, except for short distances from their trailers to the show fields. They are not intended to be used as daily drivers and often, are not seen outside of museums or private collections. Even after driving only the short distance to the show field, the car is 'staged'—errant bits of dirt or pebbles removed from the tire treads, bits of grass or mud wiped from the under-carriage. The vehicle is maintained constantly and dusted frequently to keep an absolutely flawless appearance while on display.

Zone 9 offers a variety of concours and car-show events to allow and encourage the members of its regions to show off their Porsches in the best possible light and at a level that everyone can enjoy.

For more information on PCA concours click here.

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