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The Zone 9 Challenge

Zone 9 is a geographically vast area, with 7 PCA Regions, each of which have a lot of territory. Yet, each Region has a particular style and flair that expresses its own Regional love for all things Porsche. And, like all of PCA, it's not just the cars, but the people.

Now heading into its sixth year, The Zone 9 Challenge encourages Zone 9 members to experience some of the great activities, roads, and people or our seven PCA Regions. The Zone 9 Challenge Cup goes to that individual or couple who travel to the most Regions within Zone 9 during the calendar year for PCA events.

To win, simply travel to more Zone 9 Regions for PCA events than any other member of Zone 9. It doesn't matter what kind of event, as long as it's on the Region's calendar. In addition, tie-breaking points are awarded for those who travel that same year to Parade and Escape.

For example, take in a social event with the Llano Estacado Region, go on a drive with the West Texas Region, go to a tech-session with the Carrera Region, attend Fiesta New Mexico with the Roadrunners, go on one of Alpine Mountain's fabulous tours or their HPDE at Pikes Peak Raceway, and volunteer for the PCA Club Race at High Plains with the Rocky Mountain Region and do the Super-DE at Miller Motorsports Park with the Intermountain Region. Or your pick of other events.

Whoever registers for and attends events in the most Zone 9 Regions wins! Your name goes on the traveling trophy and you get a "keeper" trophy too!

Our Zone 9 Challenge Winners: