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Autocross is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy some friendly competition with your fellow Porsche drivers. Usually set up in a parking lot, but also sometimes on road-courses or airfields, autocross is an "against the clock" event in which you maneuver your car through a pre-set slalom course made out of traffic cones.

Zone 9 autocross Autocross is known for requiring judgement and skill over all-out speed, meaning that it is an event that focuses on car control, good judgement, and a good handling car that is set-up properly.

Many of the Regions in Zone 9 have a season-long autocross series in which the competition is friendly, but intense. Don't let that scare you. Autocrossing is one of the best ways for improving your driving skills and learning about the performance of your car. And it's a great way to meet people who enjoy testing their personal skills and the capabilities of their Porsches.

PCA offers a set of rules that allows every model of Porsche to compete fairly against other cars of similar handling qualities, power-bands, and modification levels.

Check out your Region's website for the next autocross event. Or, if you're traveling, why not drop in on one of the great autocross events of your neighboring Region?

For more information on PCA Autocrossing, click here.

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